Practice Areas – Ardito Law Firm

Ardito Law Firm deals with issues relating to Privacy, Banking Law, Labour Law, Corporate and Commercial Law, Contracts, Family Law and Civil Law in general.

  1. Audit and risk analysis;
  2. Implementation of privacy management systems
  3. Adaptation of information and IT systems
  4. Drafting of corporate policies
  5. Training activities
  6. Consulting
  7. DPO
Labour Law
  1. Individual dismissal
  2. Collective dismissal
  3. Disputes regarding relations with Management
  4. Disciplinary procedure
  5. Transfer of Business
  6. Arbitration and conciliation proceedings
  7. Non-competition, confidentiality clauses
  8. Disputes with welfare institutions
  9. Drafting of Individual and Collective Contracts
  10. Drafting of internal regulations (Disciplinary Codes of Conduct, Behaviour Codes of Conduct, etc.)
  11. Due Diligence
Agency Agreements
  1. Contract Drafting
  2. Related disputes
Banking Law
  1. Real estate executions
  2. Disputes with banking institutions
  1. Contracts of sale of corporate shares and companies
  2. Export, import and distribution contracts in Italy and abroad
  3. Company agreements
  4. Works, supply and services contracts
  5. Deed, License for brands and patents, related disputes
  6. Leasing
  7. Transfer of business and transfer of business unit agreements
  8. Commercial lease
  9. Property purchase and transfer
– Corporate and Commercial Law
Family Law and e Successions
  1. Separation and divorce
  2. Disputes on Inheritance and Successions
Individual and Corporate Debt Recovery